The people behind Mosás is a family consisting of Fjóla and Siggi, their son Heimir and daughter in law Dagný. We live nearby at a large cow farm. As well as producing milk, we also have a contractor company which does all kinds of tractor- and earthwork projects. Even though our cows are our main livelihood they are not our only live stock. We have a few chicken and a few horses as well as the happy farmdog Tinni.

We all enjoy some kind of health promoting- and outdoor activities.

Heimir mainly pursues motocross but he likes all motor-sports including snowmobiling. Siggi is not less interested in snowmobiling and they do that together alot in the winter. Siggi also does wheel drive trips to the highlands and sings in two choirs. Siggi and Dagný engage in horse riding. They actually share that hobby with alot of familymembers, friends and neighbors so summer evenings are often spent riding in good company. Dagný also does yoga and doesn’t have to go far because Fjóla is a yoga instructor and teaches yoga classes for people in the area. She is also a flower essence master. Other than that she likes outdoor activities like hiking and cross-country skiing.

So we all have hobbies that relate to one another and we all love the nature and animals. We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy that every day.

Holtabyggð ehf.
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