Restaurants in the area

Kaffi Sel

A fabulous pizza place with varieties of other foods as well. They have an outstanding selection of vegan choices. 


An exotic Ethiopian restaurant in the village Flúðir.


Pizza on wheels that goes around villages in the area. You can see their schedule on their facebook site.


A very original restaurant based on locally grown tomatoes. The dining area is in the greenhouse itself.

Farmers Bistro

A restaurant in Flúðir based on locally grown mushrooms. I bet you have never tried mushroom ice cream!

Grund Restaurant

A restaurant with pizza, hamburgers and more located in mid-Flúðir.

The Fish Hut

They offer fish and chips for take away and it is good! They are located right outside of the secret lagoon so why not have a swim, then grab some dinner?

Mika Restaurant

Cuisine with variety of options and lovely handmade chocolate.